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Suitable for WM6, WM5 & 2003SE Windows Mobiles PDA's. The Microsoft distinguished service pack with the most awaited features missed in the original Windows Mobile. Get the most from your Pocket PC with this top-selling award winning software!


Current version: 4.0.2
Release date: Dec 06, 2007
Size on device: 2.9 MB
Requirements: WM6, WM5 & 2003SE

Fixes in Version 4.0.2:

  • A new "Refresh icons in the Today plug-in when the storage card is inserted" option in advanced Today plug-in settings added
  • Several minor bugs in File Explorer extensions fixed
  • Several Close button-related bug fixes
  • Support for Spb Wallet v.Next added
  • Backlight support for Glofiish X800+ and Asus 636 added
  • Significant Today plug-in load time reduce and tab switching performance increase
  • Fixed bug with installation on the WM 2003 devices from desktop
  • Fixed problem with installation with CAB
  • The labels are shown by single line when the system large fonts are selected
  • Fixed problem with date Today plugin showing date in two lines
  • Smart Scrolling: improved Spb Imageer support
  • Smart Scrolling: improved PIE support on pages with embedded forms
  • Smart Scrolling: improved gesture recognition
  • Localizations: all languages updated
  • Fixed memory leak when the Diary was inserted into the Spb Pocket Plus with auto-height on
  • Reduced overall size on the device
  • Improved internal image caching algorithm
  • Added automatic icon refresh when the Storage Card is inserted
  • Added "For All Items"->Refresh context menu item for updating the icons when they are not loaded
  • Added button support for HTC Mogul
  • Fixed bug with Today plug-in resize on wm2003 devices when switching from Portrait to Landscape and back

Spb Pocket Plus is the most powerful Today plug-in with tabs. The close button really closes out of running

programs, the file explorer contains ZIP file support,
and new buttons allow users to assign hard keys to additional commands.
Advanced Internet Explorer buttons are installed, including new window support
and a view source feature. Spb Pocket Plus also adds a safe mode feature to your
device to restart safely if the device is experiencing problems.
Features include:
* Integration with Spb Mobile Shell
* Customizable look and feel
* Battery and memory indicators
* Advanced File and Internet explorers
Spb Pocket Plus 4.0
The most powerful Today Plug-in just got even better! Bring your Pocket PC back to life with the latest version complete with new scrolling functionality.

Key features include:
NEW! Smart Scrolling - Scroll web pages, contacts, emails & more using your fingertip! Easy, intuitive & compatible with standard apps.
Today Plug-In - Complete with vertical, large & dynamic tabs, labels for shortcuts, backlight control & battery & memory indicators Internet Explorer - Surf the net more on your Pocket PC with tabs like IE7, finger drag screen, fast search panel, view page source & more.
File Explorer - Find, use & enjoy new embedded features including ZIP support, file encryption, file properties & storage card format.
Safe Mode - No more data loss after crashing. Pocket Plus auto-disables plug-ins, applications & more & recovers to normal mode.


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