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iFonz v0.9.4

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iFonz v0.9.4 - iPhone emulator interface to Windows Mobile 5,0 / WM6


  • Employment in portrait mode and Landscape.
  • Make a lot of animated effects.
  • Ability to become an infinite number of pages from 12 part icons for each page.
  • Icon Set in the form of photographs, descriptions and keys.
  • Links to the programme in the menu.
  • All the options directly on the menu iFonz.
  • To establish common touch and hold the settings in the background.
  • To set the buttons settings tap and hold.
History Version 0.9.4 - 10/03/08 :

  • Use regional settings for Clock hour (AM/PM or not)
  • Fade In and Fade Out new special effect (Very interesting)
  • Now Top Bar icons are set in correctly position
  • Now you can go to the first page from the last and vice-versa
  • If the program is minimized by "Red button" or not by a user action the iFonz automatically turn back on top

  • Add setting to Request the exit
  • Add setting for use Pushed icons, for increase the speed of shortcut for some users

  • Start shortcut program speed improvements
  • Add System Info (Memory space free, ecc..) in Battery menu
  • Add View Welcome animation in Battery menu
  • Add new Sets of options in General Settings called "Moves Gestures"
  • Now you can open general settings from Right border to Left with a new animation
  • Now you can do the minimize with touchscreen from Up border to down with slide animation
  • Add animation when click an icon editable on icon type
  • Now the Center D-Pad when pressed back to first page
  • Redraw some graphics icons
  • Add new slide animation on opening of Settings and Icon Settings and other forms
  • Add my little utility to rotate a screen in the Utils folder
  • Add single and total number of Messages to view in notification ballon (SMS, MMS, Email, Voicemail) in Icons types
  • Set which notification ballon you want view in General Settings
  • Add new Text File with all shortcuts tha you can use with iFonz
  • Add a range of days to view calendar appointments in settings
  • Start restyling Settings forms
Installation :

  • Copy the cab on cell.
  • Start the cab installation.
  • Install it where you want (Device or storage is same).
  • After installation iFonz link is on Programs menu.
Configuration :

  • Start the application and watch it.
  • After u can do all setting directly on iFonz.
  • For set the general setting tap and hold on background.
  • For set the button setting tap and hold on button.
  • For minimize and view other information tap and hold on battery.
  • To exit tap on battery.
Need Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework 2.0

In the future :

  • In Theme menu add Default settings link to reset settings
  • Set number of icons for row in Portrait and Landscape
  • Implements VGA screen resolution
  • User can customize all the graphics
  • Create the Move icons function
  • Cofiguration of Pocket PC D-PAd Keys and Soft-Keys
  • Set which notification ballon you want view
  • Add Language file to set it in all languages
  • Set Font dimension variable by the resolution of screen
  • Show Memory and others info panel
  • Create menu for background and icons for do different things
  • Create zoom animation when click on a program
  • Load correct icons in Search files
  • Do reflect icons in bottom bar
  • Add more functionality to File Dialog Explorer (Create folder, Delete, Copy, Cut, Paste)


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