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NetFront - powerful browser in many ways superior standard Pocket IE. It supports a lot of protocols and formats - HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, cHTML (Compact HTML), XHTML Basic 1.0, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1 and 2, ECMAScript 3rd Edition (JavaScript 1.5), DOM (Document Object Model), various types of images, HTTP/1.1, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 2.0/3.0, TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0, Java.

In addition, NetFront has many useful functions, which lacks both Pocket IE: multiple regime adjustment size of the image, download files, preserving the images and so on.

Opportunities NetFront:
-- Supports HTML 4.01
-- Supporting XHTML 1.1
-- Supports cHTML (Compact HTML)
-- Supporting XHTML Basic (XHTML subset: W3C Recommendation)
-- Support WML1.3
-- Support for CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1, 2 (partial)
-- Supporting ECMAScript 3rd Edition (JavaScript 1.5 equivalent)
-- Supports DOM (Document Object Model) 1, 2 (partial)
-- Support for images: GIF, Animation GIF, PNG, JPEG, MNG-LC, BMP
-- Support HTTP/1.1
-- Support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 2.0/3.0, TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0
-- Multi Tab (up to 5 display windows with bookmarks)
-- Support Cookie
-- Bookmarks, memorizing current pages
-- Function Auto-Cruise
-- Start other proogramm
-- The search engine
-- Display pages to fit the screen
-- Different modes of Surfing - Full Browsing, Text Browsing, Simple Browsing, Rapid-Render
-- Manager certificates
-- Support for RSS, Atom Feed
-- Built-player NetFront SMIL
-- Built-viewer NetFront SVG
-- Manager passwords and data input in form
-- Customizable feature pop-ups
-- Work with virtual screen (size differs from the physical size of the screen)
Updates version of NetFront 3.5:
when using the camera phone images, the user can move the text or zoom, moving the phone vertically and horizontally.


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