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Opera v9.5 For PPC - QVGA

Posted by eXGamerZ |

New version of the browser displays enjoy all the benefits of PPC with large sizes and higher resolution, providing the ability to view multiple Web-pages and switch between them as well as possible both vertical and horizontal mode display.
Advantages Opera Mobile for Pocket PC include the following functions:
  • Automatic completion of a set of addresses (the browser remembers recruited earlier address)
  • Increase text and images on the pages
  • Full-screen mode, in addition to the display interface browser
  • To display full pages or uzhatyh technology Small-Screen Rendering to avoid the need for horizontal scroll
  • Blocking unwanted pop-ups

bug: Nuzzle configured to check box to remove jackdaw-place - nothing happens, it is necessary to knock against check box below.
With regard to the pros - just super progress. It sold almost whatever I only dreamed of: Multi - stanichnost, password manager (!) And scrollbars, zoom and protector separate paragraphs deserves admiration.


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