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This is one of the most intelligent games for Pocket PC. By using Spb Brain Evolution you can improve your mental awareness and maintain your brain fitness. Use this game for everyday training and you will find that your brain will become faster and more reliable.

Spb Arkaball II is a Pocket PC remake of the classic Arkanoid game. Spb Arkaball II brings together nice colorful graphics and well thought-out gameplay, making this game very addictive. The game has 50 levels for you to complete, each one comprising a number of bricks of different types. Some bricks dislodge different items that can be either valuable or dangerous.

The Pocket PC version of the track-and-found game. The goal of the game is to guide the ball to the exit gate using the blocks on the field.

FreeCell is a very popular and well-known card game. The Pocket PC platform is ideal for this kind of simple, easy-to-play game. Many people were disappointed that FreeCell was not a standard built-in Pocket PC application. Our FreeCell game will be a worthy addition to your games collection.

The object of the game is to move all the cards to the four home cells. Those who have already played FreeCell for Windows will feel quite at home with this Pocket PC version. There are 32,000 possible games, and you can select any game to play. Our FreeCell offers smart game statistics, where all information on all the games you have completed is shown. There is also an online service giving you a chance to publish your top scores and compete with other players.

The Pocket PC realisation of the matches puzzle game. The goal of the game is to solve interesting match puzzles.


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